MAASTRO is an integrated institute combining a radiation oncology center with facilities for research laboratories and clinical research. An important strategic goal is individualization of treatment for our patients ( In order to reach this goal we have to be able to accurately assess risks and benefits associated with (chemo)radiation by analysing available patient data. Clinical patient and outcome data have therefore been recorded in an electronic patient database since 2005. PET/CT images are stored in a database, and blood samples are taken before radiotherapy in a standardized way and stored in the biobank of MUMC+. MAASTRO Clinic is a radiotherapy institute that provides radiation therapy for various types of cancer for patients in Limburg. Within our department 29.5% of all patients are included in clinical trials approved by an ethical committee and managed by our GCP compliant Data Centre. In addition, translational research is one of our strengths. Our integrated structure and dynamic laboratory, the many clinical trials we conduct and our outstanding clinic all bridge the gap between research and treatment. We have extensive expertise in developing prediction models for survival as well as toxicity outcome with published series in major American and European radiotherapy journals (

Role in BD2Decide

MAASTRO leads the CT scan radiomics task in WP3 and is one of the five hospitals participating to the BD2Decide clinical study. MAASTRO contributes to the realization of the BD2Decide DSS from the MAASTRO models for Head and Neck Cancers. MAASTRO is also a major contributor for the co-decision aid tools developed in WP5.

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