All-in-Image technology provides a revolutionary approach to Big Data management, addressing the unique challenges of Big Data applications. All-in-Image provides a unified and holistic Peta scale database for unstructured and structure data by utilizing compressed binary files with a unique database structure, to aggregate, compress, encrypt, store, process and transport all types of data and content. All-in-Image technology is ideal for medical/genome applications that are dealing with many data sources and formats that need holistic data processing and knowledge management solution at large scale. Currently All-in-Image is conducting a big data analytics and knowledge management project to enable drug discovery focused on monoclonal antibodies and therapeutic proteins to address important unmet needs in the fields of oncology and immunology.

Role in BD2Decide

All-in-Image leads the realization and setup of the Big Data and Cloud Computing Infrastructure in WP6, and is in charge of the integration of multisource population data, publications, and BD2Decide patients' multiscale and longitudinal data for data analysis.

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