The Visual Analytics Tool (VAT), is a tool for the exploitation, representation and visualization of information retrieved from large-scale and heterogeneous data sources. This web application supports clinicians on the hypothesis generation and provides guidance, through its interaction workflow, during the execution of the different types of analysis available to conduct a research study. This tool delivers to clinicians, as the target end users of the tool, the analysis outcomes together with graphs, charts and images, and descriptive annotations in an intuitive way.

The tool can be usage following two main scenarios: the exploratory search and the exploratory repositories. In the first one, the user can observe the data without any prior research idea. In the second, the user can analyse the data using the exploratory search functionalities, but in a structured and guided way.

The Visual Analytics Tool is feed on the data collected for each one of the centres involved in BD2Decide project, and also for the data available at Cancer Registries ( and other demographic background data (data collection from WP7). This data is stored in the BD2Decide Big Data Infrastructure (BDI) (WP6) and the accessibility of this data is through the usage of dedicated RESTful APIs developed in WP6. The tool also integrates data resulted from the imaging analysis (WP3) and genomics (WP4). And on the top of these data, integrates the statistical models (WP4) and analytics techniques (WP6) that are being implemented during the project.

The tool is linked with the Clinical Decision Support System developed also within the project. To allow clinicians work between the representation suites through direct links among them.

Furthermore, the tool integrates literature data extracted from PubMed, to make researches have available scientific reports to support the analysis they are executing each time.


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