On October 30th 2018, in the Sala Donatori at the main headquarters of Politecnico di Milano, the BD2Decide Project held a Workshop titled "Innovative Decision Support Systems and Imaging in cancer treatment : the H2020 BD2DECIDE project".

The Workshop was organized as a crucially important opportunity to meet with relevant stakholders interested in the Research and Innovation activities conducted by BD2Decide.

Among attendees were representatives of presigious organizations, from segments touched by the BD2Decide endeavour:

  • Clinical Centers, conducting leading edge activityies in oncology
  • Universities and Research Centers, involved in clinical and technologica research in the areas addressed by BD2Decide
  • World renowned high-tech and innovation-driven Companies, providing advanced equipment and services for oncology research

After a presentation of the main components of the BD2Decide platform, two round tables were conducted, in order to discuss with attendees on general perspectives, needs from clinical researchers and practitioners, opportunities for explloitation of BD2Decide results, both from a clinical and commercial point of view.

Both organizers and attendees agreed that the work conducted in the Workshop was successful and that there is a need to continue interaction, as the BD2Decide enters its last phases, in order to continuosly monitor the possibility of relevant cooperation or exchange of knowledge, as Project's outcomes achieve maturity.

The Agenda and the Presentations given at the Workshop can be downloaded from our Website's Download Section:

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